If planning a trip to Nepal has long been on your bucket list, it’s time to kick that gear into action. With the recent announcement by the Nepalese Tourism Minister declaring that Nepal is safe for travel, we compiled the top 11 reasons why Nepal should be your next holiday destination! From the varied stunning mountain regions, exotic wildlife encounters, diverse cultures and delicious cuisine, find out why Nepal is one of the most memorable and exciting destinations in the world.

1.  Trek into the heart of the Himalaya

Nepal is renowned for being a haven for trekkers, hikers and adventure lovers. Whether you’re interested in short treks into mountain communities, or perhaps longer and more challenging treks that take you deep into the heart of the Himalaya, the opportunities are endless. Some of the most popular and famous treks are the Everest Base Camp and & Kala Pattar trek, the Annapurna Dhaulagiri trek, and the Upper Dolpo Traverse, each which allow you to explore the Himalayan scenery, people and culture like never before. 


2.  Stunning wildlife and bird watching encounters

Nepal has incredible wildlife diversity, stemming from its mountainous, savannah and grassland regions throughout the country. In the “Heart of the Jungle”, Chitwan National Park, the forest, grass and marshland areas are teeming with over 543 species of birds, as well as a number of rare and elusive animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, musk deer, one horned rhino and leopard. A trip to Chitwan National Park never fails to impress and is one of the premier drawcards in Nepal.

3.  There’s more to Nepal than trekking

Though the country is rightfully renowned as a trekking destination, it offers far more activities that will satisfy your adventurous soul. From traversing the Annapurnas by mountain bike, to white water rafting down the Kali Gandaki, or kayaking along jungle lined pristine riverbanks. There’s even the world’s highest Canyon Swing, where thrill seekers taking on the 160 meter swing can experience the longest free fall in the world!


4.  Nepal needs you now, more than ever

Nepal is heavily reliant on tourism, with over half a million people working in the industry. While the damage from April’s earthquake will take years to overcome, Nepal now more than ever needs tourists to visit the country and help put money back into the economy. The Tourism Minister for the Nepal Government announced Nepal as safe for travel, with buildings that posed risk to the public removed and reconstruction underway for other damaged buildings. Nepal is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites, out of which 3 sustained damage due to the earthquake.

5.  The accommodation and campsites are high quality!

While trekking in the Himalaya you have options of lodging, such as staying in private eco-campsites that combat important problems such as deforestation, mountain employment and logging. And for that little bit of luxury when you’ve finished your hike, laze in the Radisson Hotel’s luxurious rooftop swimming pool and experience the best of both worlds on your trip!


6.  Climb mountains that tickle the sky

If you can climb a mountain, you can do anything! Ok… While not technically true, climbing mountains is one of the most physically, mental and emotionally enduring accomplishments – and also one of the most rewarding! Home to 8 of the worlds’ highest 10 peaks, Nepal has no shortage of mountains to climb, with Mera Peak and Island Peak offering some of the most spectacular views in the region.

7.  Get to know Everest up close and personal

It’s no secret that the Everest region offers travellers some of the best treks in Nepal. Take the bucket list Everest Base Camp trek, for example, where you follow the paths of some of the most famous mountaineers in history. Or, for those seeking a more remote and tranquil route, try trekking up towards the famous Gokyo Lake and take in the majesty of Everest towering from above. For a truly birds eye view of Everest, ascend Gokyo Ri and bask in the panoramic views of Everest and the surrounding peaks. Whatever your inclination, the Everest region will satisfy your adventurous soul.

8.  The impressive Annapurna Region

The Annapurna region offers trekkers some of the Himalaya’s most beautiful ranges. With its diverse scenery ranging from the foothills of the Himalaya, to forests of rhododendron and the spectacular backdrop of the Himalayan mountains, there is no shortage of incredible sights and panoramas to absorb. There are plenty of adventures to choose from in the Annapurna region too, whether it be trekking through lush forests and farming communities, to mountain biking through the vast mountainous landscape.  Pick your tour operator wisely and you can stay in private eco-friendly campsites along the way!

9.  The culture and people of Nepal are amongst the friendliest in the world.

The Nepalese people are renowned for their welcoming, friendly and hospitable nature. No matter where you’re from, you can be assured that you’ll be welcomed with a Namaste and a warm smile.


10.  Delicious variety of cuisines

A blend of Indian and Tibetan influences, Nepalese cuisine is simple, delicate and satisfying. From the famous momos, a special dumpling that is served with a variety of dipping sauces, to the local’s favourite dal bhat, a traditional meal of steamed rice and cooked lentil soup, the cuisine of Nepal is a reflection of the cultural and ethnic diversity of its population.

11.  Diverse cultures

Nepal is home to a diverse mix of different cultures residing from the mountainous areas of the Himalaya, to the flat lands of the Terai. With such diversity comes a range of different musical and culinary influences, as well as history and lifestyle nuances that will captivate you from the moment you step foot in Nepal.


Photo: Sarah Hunt


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