The Paddy Pallin community, our customers and staff, have been involved in travel to Nepal for over 60 years and have close ties and friendships with the wonderful people from this amazing country. Nepal is in urgent need of our assistance, please give generously to our Paddy Pallin Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Paddy Pallin commits to matching dollar for dollar donations made by our community through this appeal up to a total of $20,000.


Nepal aftermath Photo: Shristi Rajbhandari

Nepal aftermath Photo: Shristi Rajbhandari

Over 4000 people are reported to have died and thousands are feared to be trapped under rubble. Oxfam teams are in Nepal assessing the damage and ready to respond with lifesaving essentials – clean water, sanitation and emergency food supplies. The situation is critical. Please make a donation to help get emergency relief to those most affected.

The money donated will go towards:

$49 will pay for an emergency hygiene kit with items such as soap, blankets, underwear and basic toiletries.


$99 can provide 11 families with life-saving water kits that contain jerry cans and water disinfection material.


$120 can go towards building a temporary toilet that will prevent the spread of disease and provide dignity to people who have lost almost everything.

Photo: Pablo Tosco

Photo: Pablo Tosco


OXFAM AIMS TO BE FIRST IN, LAST OUT Oxfam work with local communities to make sure they’re prepared for a disaster. They coordinate emergency relief when a disaster hits, and support families to recover and reduce the risk of future disasters.

GETTING INFORMATION FAST Oxfam teach community organisations how to prepare an initial rapid assessment when a disaster strikes. They have people on the ground right now, telling us what’s going on and what needs to be done.

WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE This is always a priority because, after an emergency, unclean water and unhygienic conditions can cause serious illness and death. Oxfam have warehouses around the world filled with materials to tackle sanitation and hygiene problems. Donations help them distribute equipment to test and purify water and provide hygiene kits to families.

SHELTER AND SAFETY Following an emergency, Oxfam help communities re-build homes, and provide vital equipment such as mosquito nets, cooking utensils, and floor matting.

LONG-TERM RECOVERY Often, a disaster destroys communities’ sources of food. Oxfam provide seeds and equipment so local farmers can replant their crops and recover. They also give farmers the knowledge they need to replant crops safely in the face of soil
contamination, flooding and heavy rains.

WORKING WITH GOVERNMENTS AND LOCAL NGOS Oxfam work with governments and other local organisations to coordinate humanitarian efforts. Together Oxfam pass on long-term skills so the community is better equipped to deal with future disasters, and prepared for the effects of climate, water and weather-related disasters.

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