There’s a lot to be said for the enthusiasm of children and snow.  Even if there isn’t much on the ground, but plenty blowing in your face, they still seem to be keen to get out amongst it!

This was evident on Sunday 9 July 2017, when the annual Paddy Pallin Juniors cross country ski event was held at the Perisher Nordic Shelter.  Twenty five junior skiers embraced the challenging conditions of snow, wind and a negative wind chill factor, with their entourage of parent helpers, to participate in the first event of the season.  Participants ranged in age from six to sixteen years, with skiers competing over varying distances from 300 metres to 1.2 kilometres with multiply laps of the upper section of the sprint loop.  In it’s 59th year, the focus of the Paddy Pallin Juniors is to promote participation in cross country skiing and to foster an enjoyment of the sport and associated community.

Post event, the juniors participated in a team focused jelly snake hunt, consisting of searching for jelly snakes hidden around the tracks and the Nordic Shelter.  Teams completed this task on skis, with many handfuls of jelly snakes being brought back to the Nordic Shelter to enjoy.  Following the presentation of participation certificates and the allocation of fantastic spot prizes, participates enjoyed a hotdog lunch, followed by delicious fruit.  Going by the smiles, it was certainly a fun start to the 2017 ski season.

The event would not happen without the support of a number of businesses and organisations. A special thank you to Paddy Pallin for their ongoing support of this event, the fabulous spot prizes, hotdogs, drinks and jelly snakes, Perisher Supermarket for generously providing the bread rolls, Wiffens Canberra for the great quality fruit, and Canberra Alpine Club for providing support.  Thank you also to Geraldine and Adrian for accommodating the event at the Nordic Shelter and to the many helpers who assisted on the day.

Next year, the Paddy Pallin Juniors will celebrate its 60th anniversary  – an event not to be missed in 2018.

Times achieved by participants:

Age group/Name Club/Team/School Distance/Time
6-8 years ~300 metres
Jodie Colvin NSW XC 2.57
Damika Morton NSW Biathlon 2.59
Emelia Greville Canberra Alpine/SMN 3.10
9-10 years   ~600m
Jake Cridland NSW XC 3.21
Sean’Hope Craig ACT XC 4.31
Chloe Champion NSW XC 8.36
11-12 years   ~900m
Zana Evans Cooma/ NSW XC/JCS 3.49
Lara Essex ACT XC 4.07
Finn Hume Manly Village Public School 4.48
Harriet Greville Canberra Alpine/SMN 5.26
Finn Chatten JCS 5.41
Scarlet Shortus Wenona 5.42
Jack Hirst NSW XC 6.00
Rhiannon Castle NSW XC 6.30
Isobel Patterson Kambala 6.34
13-14 years   ~900m
Hugo Hinckfuss NSW XC 4.01
Rosie Fordham NSW XC/ Abbotsleigh 4.25
Isabella Moon NSW XC 4.31
Matthew Grafen The Scots College 5.32
Hamish Greenwood SMN/JCS 5.33
David Patterson The Scots College 6.21
Brock Hughes The Woden School 7.30
15-16 years   ~1200m
Bentley Walker-Broose NSW/ACT XC/ SMGS 5.33
Chloe Hinckfuss NSW XC 5.43
Saskia Moon NSW XC 7.43

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