The Importance of the Environment to Paddy Pallin

At Paddy Pallin, concern for the environment is not just an important issue; it’s a way of life, a commitment that governs many aspects of the company. It’s an inseparable part of the ethos of Paddy Pallin. It’s one of our core values. As such, we are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact through innovations in all areas of the company’s operations. Ever since Paddy Pallin was founded in 1930, we have been a strong advocate and practitioner of eco-responsible actions. This commitment is spearheaded by the actions of the founder Paddy Pallin during his long life and today by his family, Robert, Nancy and Tim Pallin.

Why is Green the Colour of Paddy Pallin

Concern for the environment is one of the core values of Paddy Pallin. Ever since Paddy Pallin was established in 1930, Paddy Pallin the company and Paddy Pallin the man have demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability. This ethic is continued on today by Robert and Nancy Pallin who now own Paddy Pallin. It’s an intrinsic part of our ethical, socially responsible approach to doing business.

Why Green is Much More than a Colour at Paddy Pallin.

Green has always been our company’s official colour. But more importantly, it’s an essential part of how we do business. Here are some examples:
• We have always printed our catalogues on recycled paper in the past
• We print our catalogues on paper that is PEFC accredited. The paper mill and printer are guided by the rules set out in the international standard ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. This measure, combined with other considerations, led our Winter 11 Handbook to win the Environment and Sustainability Award from the Australian Catalogue Association.
• We have always promoted responsible consumption and respect for nature
• We have supported a number of environmental causes over the past 20 years through our ‘Don’t Bag the Environment’ campaign which encourages customers not to take unnecessary shopping bags
• We use recycled, reclaimed and non-toxic materials in the renovation of our Little Bourke Street store
• We have long shared green tips with our customers and employees
• We actively search for products with an environmental message to present in our stores
• We have a long history of providing prizes for the Nature Conservation Council of NSW’s World Environment Day Awards. Paddy Pallin is proud to be providing the prize for “Rising Star Award”, a new award presented to an outstanding environmentalist under the age of 30.
• We are in the process of switching our stores to energy suppliers with environmentally sustainable credentials
• We encourage our staff to ride or walk to work by providing them with showers in our newer stores
• We have produced paper carry bags sourced from new growth forest and can be recycled
• We have long been a supporter of Bush Heritage Australia and assisted them with their fundraising efforts

Q: Is the environment important to Paddy Pallin?
A: Yes. We consider protecting the environment one of the most critical issues of our time. It is incumbent on every company and individual to act responsibly and to do what they can to minimize their environmental impact. Long before climate change became a household term, Paddy Pallin supported a wide range of conservation organisations and sustainability practices.

Q: How does Paddy Pallin demonstrate its commitment to the environment?
A: In multiple ways, big and small. From purchasing sustainable products to the way we refit our new stores; from financial support of environmental organisations to helping raise awareness among our staff and customers about green issues; from initiating campaigns such as “Don’t Bag the Environment” to encourage the reduction of bag usage to providing showers in our new stores to encourage staff to ride to work; from donations made through the Paddy Pallin foundation to printing our catalogues on PEFC accredited, Paddy Pallin is a proponent and practitioner of responsible, environmentally sustainable policies.

Q: Does Paddy Pallin sell any eco-friendly products?
A: Yes, more and more every season. We are continually working with our suppliers to source products that reduce the impact on the environment. Recycled fabrics in fleece and packs are now available as well as natural sustainable fabrics such as wool and soya. No longer limited to just clothing Paddy Pallin is now stocking packs and footwear which has been made with fabrics and components which are recycled or have a reduced impact on the environment. These products are identified in our catalogue and online store with the Minimising Environmental Impact logo Paddy Pallin introduced in 2007.

Q: Are Paddy Pallin stores green?
A: Not all of them but all the new stores will be, as much as possible. Increasingly, Paddy Pallin integrates sustainable practices in new store fitouts or major renovations, including the use of water soluble paints, biodegradable flooring made from 50% pre-consumer recycled content, energy-efficient lighting powered by a green energy provider. When renovating a store, we always strive to minimise the amount of garbage and waste. That’s why we recycle and reuse existing materials as much as possible. We also provide showers to encourage staff to ride to work reducing pollution and carbon emissions. These principals have been applied for the renovation of our largest store in Little Bourke st, Melbourne.

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Q: How does Paddy Pallin handle its suppliers when it comes to the environment?
A: Sustainability is an important criterion in our choice of vendors and brand partners. Although Paddy Pallin cannot control the actions of its suppliers, we clearly favour those who are more eco-responsible.

Q: Is Paddy Pallin involved with any environmental organisations?
A: Yes, many. Here is a partial list of organisations that Paddy Pallin has supported over the years through the Don’t Bag the Environment Campaign and other programs: Save the Bilby Fund, Save the Grey Nurse Shark Fund, The WA Toad Muster, Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease research, the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Bush Heritage Australia, Save the Blue Gum High Forest campaign, Save the Southern Brown Bandicoot campaign. In addition the Paddy Pallin Foundation annually provides grants to land holders to help preserve natural ecosystems and supports a scientific grant to aid research into environmental conservation and sustainability.

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Q: What is the Paddy Pallin Foundation?
A: The Paddy Pallin Foundation is a charitable organisation established by the Pallin family. The objective of the foundation is to enable Paddy Pallin and its customers and friends to contribute to better conservation of the natural environment for future generations and the animals and plants that inhabit them. To find out more about the Paddy Pallin Foundation and its programs visit

Q: Can Paddy Pallin do more for the environment?
A: Yes, and we will. While we are proud of our actions in the environmental area, we are well aware there is much more to be done. We can never do enough when it comes to reducing our eco-footprint and supporting those working to protect our planet. When it comes to the environment, we are not yet where we would like to be but every effort counts. Each one of us must take responsibility and make a difference as there is no alternative if our earth, as we know it, is to be saved for future generations.

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Some 80 years ago, a young bushwalker's dissatisfaction with the limited and heavy bushwalking equipment available prompted him to design and make his own. Before long, word spread, and Paddy Pallin's lightweight, functional designs were soon in demand among fellow bushwalkers. From its early days the company has concentrated on supplying bushwalkers, travellers and adventurers with the highest quality and most advanced products and knowledge. Since 1930 the company has grown to become Australia's leading supplier of specialist outdoor and travel gear. The company, still owned by the Pallin family, now has thirteen stores throughout Australia as well as online, mail order and corporate sales divisions. We are using our vast wealth of knowledge, and experience, to build an online community where we can share our stories, reviews and tech tips to help you research and plan your next adventure.