Both my wife and I had been to Bali before but we decided to have a week off and spend it in Ubud in the hills of Bali about 1 ½ hours from Denpasar.

In the back of my mind I had thoughts to climb Mt Agung (the Highest Peak on the Island at 3,142m).

Shadow of Mt Agung from Summit

I contacted a local tour operator in Ubud and booked myself a tour package for one.

There a couple of routes on Mt Agung, one being to a lower viewing platform and the Besakih Temple route, this ascends to the summit of the mountain.

I was collected from my hotel at 9pm and driven to the Besakih Temple the largest temple in Bali. Here I met Kaki my guide at 10:30pm. We had a short briefing and start walking.

Sunrise Mt Agung

The heat and the pace kept my heart rate high, each hour we would stop for 15 minutes at predetermined rest spots to recover. Steep slippery walking trails under head torch light meant I was constantly watching my feet. Using two walking poles supplied by my guide made it a little easier.

We walked until 2:30am when Kaki announced we would have an hours break before heading to the summit. I put on all my clothes and huddled down for a snooze as a cool wind blew. The view of the lights of Denpasar was spectacular.  Around 3:30am we packed up our kit and started walking. Towards dawn the landscape changed to a 75 degree rocky scramble before the trail eased off to the gentle slope of the summit.

Luke on Summit of Mt Agung2

What a cracker morning watching the sun rise over Bali.  The sun rose over a beautiful wave cloud formation. I shared the summit with about 10 other people for about an hour before the cloud engulfed us and the wind started to blow making it quite cold.

Descending into the heat MT Agung

We descended for 3 ½ hours back the way we had climbed to the temple and a 2 hour drive back to Ubud arriving back at 11:30am.

Not something you would expect in Bali but one of the best things I’ve done for a while.

Descending into the Mist Mt Agung

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