On 26 April 2014, Australian adventurer Huw Kingston sea kayaked away from Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, Turkey, to begin mediterr année. A personal commemoration of the Centenary of ANZAC and a fundraising journey for Save the Children, which would see him circumnavigate the Mediterranean, traversing 14,000km by human power.

The journey to date has seen Kingston achieve incredible milestones, including but not limited to paddling the Corinth Canal, trekking the full length of the European Alps including an ascent of Mont Blanc, crossing the Straits of Gibraltar and cycling 1500km in less than two weeks through Algeria complete with police escort due to security concerns.

Before mediterr année can conclude in time for the Anzac Centenary on 25 April 2015 however, there is at least one more milestone.

Kingston, who is currently in Tunisia preparing, will embark from there to row to Turkey; a route devised mid journey to overcome political unrest making it impossible to traverse some countries  included in the original itinerary. The row stage will cover a distance of over 2000km via Malta and Cyprus, which could take up to 50 Days to complete.


“The reality of rowing  day and night for over 2000km is beginning to sink in and I’m excited. It’s always nice to do something you’ve never done before! Certainly this rowing stage of my long journey is an inspired way to continue the human powered integrity of mediterr année whilst solving the problem of being unable to traverse countries such as Libya, Lebanon and Syria. But after over 9 months of looking forward on foot, bike and kayak, it will be strange to face backwards in a rowboat.”

It will also be the only long stage of the journey where Kingston will be accompanied. Joining him to share the rowing will be Marin Medak (pictured below), a Slovenian adventurer who he met early in his travels, and who has extensive rowing experience. Marin crossed the Atlantic three years ago. “Rowing across the Mediterranean might sound easier than rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, but I’m expecting that we will face much harsher conditions than we had then on the ocean. The Mediterranean in winter is subject to very sudden and violent changes in weather. Winds of 100km/h with large, steep waves are not uncommon at this time of year.”


Following the row stage, Kingston  will return to the sea kayak, for what will be the final 1000km stage of this expedition; paddling back into Anzac  Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey; one year after paddling away. Mediterr année is sponsored by Paddy Pallin, Australian Geographic, Osprey, World Expeditions and Princeton Tec. Mr Hops, the ocean rowboat, is  sponsored by Eles, the Slovenian power distribution company.


After 25 years in  Australia, Huw Kingston will  revisit his European roots, crossing borders and cultures on a journey that will immerse him in  the culture of the Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa. The journey, entitled mediterr année, will see Huw travel by foot, row, kayak and mountain bike  via magnificent land and seascapes through  18 countries, over 14,000km in 12 months.

medi map

For full route details click here

For additional information on the project please see the following pages or visit www.mediterrannee.com.au which has links to the Save  the Children mediterr année donation page. Stay up  to date via the mediterrannéejourney  Facebook page.



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