Many of you have probably been following Australian adventurer Huw Kingston on his epic 12 month  Mediterr Année Journey. Here’s an update on his latest progress.

The Journey so far

Both as a personal commemoration of the Centenary of ANZAC, and to raise funds for the Save the Children – Kingston decided to embark on a mammoth undertaking. A full circumnavigation of the Mediterranean by human power. His chosen modes of transport have ranged from Sea Kayak, Row boat, Mountain Bike, and of course good old fashioned Foot Power. Significant milestones along the way, and there were many, have included: paddling the Corinth Canal, trekking the full length of the European Alps including an ascent of Mont Blanc, crossing the Straits of Gibraltar and cycling 1500km in less than two weeks through Algeria complete with police escort due to security concerns.


Unecpected hurdles

It was always Kingston’s dream to complete this undertaking completely under human power, and arrive back at ANZAC cove within 12 months of embarking. However as we all know, even the best laid plans often don’t go to plan. High winds and unsafe ocean conditions meant that Kingston – and not without much deliberation and a heavy heart – decided to break his self imposed ‘human power only’ rule.

In order to be in position to complete the final 1000km kayak around turkey, he boarded a plane from Athens to Rhodes (an island off the Turkish Coast) and from there he took a ferry to Marmaris. Once back on the ground Kingston was reunited with his sea kayak Miss Grape, who was being baby-sat by Turkish Customs. His last update reported smooth paddling along the Turkish Coast.

Where is Kingston right now?

Hopefully cruising along the final stretch of his mammoth pilgrimage, paddle in hand and a smile on his face -on  track to be at ANZAC cove in Gallipolli on or before the 26th of April 2015, the 100 year ANZAC Centenary. If you wanted to share in part these final days of Kingston’s epic adventure, one way to do so is checking out his Follow my Spot page. To help keep family, friends and everyone who’s supported the journey up to date, Kingston has been tracking his progress via GPS checkpoints. The Spot Messenger is also an invaluable tool to ensure treacherous legs of the expedition could be made safer for all involved. For full route details click here

medi map 2

Mediterr année is sponsored by Paddy Pallin, Australian Geographic, Osprey, World Expeditions and Princeton Tec. Mr Hops, the ocean rowboat, is  sponsored by Eles, the Slovenian power distribution company. For additional information on the project please see the following page and stay up  to date via the mediterr Année Journey  Facebook page.

On behalf of Paddy Pallin, we wish you smooth paddling Huw Kingston. Not long to go now!



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