The easiest thing you will do today is say NO to a bag,

and YES to growing Australia’s national parks.FNPW

The natural world gives us some of our best memories and experiences. Whether you love swimming at Australia’s pristine beaches, bushwalking under the whispering canopy, twitching amongst the birdsong of dawn, climbing a waterfall, or camping out—you know firsthand that our living landscapes are worth protecting – not only for us to enjoy, but also for our children and theirs.

Help Grow Australia’s Protected Areas

In Australia there are 89 distinct bio-regions that need our protection. Each bioregion is a treasure-trove of diverse plant and animal life, and plays a critical role in the wider picture of environmental and planetary health. To adequately protect biodiversity, Australia’s National Reserve System must contain representative samples of all the different habitat-types. After all, we don’t want some habitat types left completely unprotected. The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife acquires land to add to Australia’s National Reserve System, so that it can be protected and managed for conservation for all time.

The National Reserve System includes national parks, which are managed by Commonwealth, State and Territory bodies, but also privately-owned properties which are managed for conservation, and Indigenous Protected areas (the largest contributors with 26 million hectares of protected land).

This year, the Paddy Pallin Don’t Bag the Environment Campaign is supporting the Foundation in its mission to protect Australia’s natural and cultural heritage. Funds from this campaign will be donated to the Foundation to add land to the National Reserve System, to help meet the target of 10% of each bioregion protected.

We need your support Help us reach the nation-wide goal of protecting at least 10% of all identified bio-regions. Every time you refuse a bag, Paddy Pallin will donate 20 cents to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife to acquire land for the National Reserve System.

You can also donate to this project through the Paddy Pallin Foundation

Thank you for joining your peers in conserving Australia’s incredible living landscapes.


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