The Bob Brown Foundation is an action-oriented environment organisation working to protect one of the world’s last wild places, the Tarkine (takayna in the Palawa language). Bob Brown always says that ‘to see the Tarkine is to want to save it’. With this in mind the foundation is publishing a guide to touring, bushwalking and rafting in this remarkable place.

Norfolk Range: Nick Monk

Norfolk Range: Nick Monk

Across mountains, down rivers, along coasts, through forests: Tarkine Trails / takayna makuminya, with its splendid photographs and maps, is the definitive guide for adventurers to the Tarkine as well as for browsers at home wanting the pleasures of wild Tasmania on their coffee table. Here is a welcome to one of Australia’s least known yet most beautiful natural and cultural treasures.

Tarkine Trails / takayna makuminya has 100 bushwalking trails complete with colour maps, 10 mountain bike trails and 17 paddling trips. This definitive guide has contributions from more than 30 experts including lead author Phill Pullinger, a foreword by Bob Brown, an introduction by Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary’s owner Greg Irons, and an essay on Aboriginal Heritage of takayna / Tarkine written by Ruth Langford.


Pieman Heads: Rob Blakers

The Bob Brown Foundation is an environmental not for profit organisation, working to have the Tarkine protected as a National Park and World Heritage Area. The foundation is currently crowdfunding to raise the funds required to published and distribute this book, a total of $60,000.  Those who would like to support the project can do so by preordering a copy of the book, which will be delivered in time for Christmas.

More information on the project can be found on the Bob Brown Foundations crowdfunding page at Pozible

In the remote northwest corner of Australia’s island state of Tasmania, takayna / Tarkine is a vast mosaic of ecosystems covering 450 000 hectares, with Australia’s largest tract of cool temperate rainforest at its heart.

Dodds Creek Wes Beckett Falls: Nick Monk

Dodds Creek Wes Beckett Falls: Nick Monk

Giant eucalyptus forests grow side by side with Australia’s greatest Gondwanic rainforest. The landscape is threaded with wild rivers, flowing between mountain ranges and through expansive button-grass plains and flowering coastal heaths to a rugged coastline of windswept beaches, towering sand dunes and extraordinary Aboriginal cultural sites.

But the region’s natural and cultural values are under threat from a string of proposed mines, logging in ancient rainforests and unrestricted access for off-road vehicles, damaging indigenous heritage.

Julius River: Ben Wilkinson

Julius River: Ben Wilkinson


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